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Your Privacy is Secure with IDPC

IDPC Respects Your PrivacyIDPC respects your privacy
Your e-mail address and/or personal contact information is never sold, rented, or distributed in any way.  While you browse any of our sites, we never employ the use of software, cookies or any other hidden methods of 'capturing' your personal information including your e-mail address.

Please note that email hijackers have the ability to disguise the origin of their posts by spoofing a legitimate companies email addresses to improve delivery results.  This technique is based on fraud and IDPC will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law; those found guilty of using any of IDPC's email addresses, or it's subsidiaries email addresses for such purposes. 

IDPC and it's on-line ecommerce storefronts may use your phone number to contact you regarding your order, or to respond to an inquiry, and to verify credit card authenticity when using a card as means of payment.   Periodic postal mail offers as well as emails may be sent to you from Information Data Products or any of our on-line ecommerce storefronts, i.e.;,, or with regards to products, company news, special offers and such. 

There is never any obligation to buy, or to respond to these notifications. If you are interested in any of products that you see in any of our postal mail or email offers, simply reply and you will be provided with additional product and purchasing details.  If you decide that you no longer wish to receive these valuable notifications, simply reply to any email and change the Subject Line to read: ' No Thanks '  To stop receiving postal mailings please call +1 (888)-4WAN-LAN.

IDPC and/or its any of our on-line ecommerce storefronts will only send you email directly related to products that we provide.  If you receive emails that claim or appear to be from IDPC,,, or and they are offering anything other then what you find on our respective web sites, then the email did NOT originate from IDPC or any of our on-line ecommerce storefronts.  If you have further questions regarding IDPC's privacy policy, please contact us with your concerns.

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