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Fiber Solutions

Fiber Products & Solutions

Fibrolan fiber optic broadband access systems, Access Concentrator MetroStar, Access NTUs, NG Access, WDM Transmission, Media Converters

 FibroLAN Products / Media Converters

FibroLAN develops integrated fiber-optic broadband access systems for the corporate and carrier markets. Solutions provide organizations dispersed over metropolitan areas access to their Intranets and to the Internet, at speeds ranging from 256K to 1000 Mbps. FibroLAN's unique MA technology facilitates low-cost remote management, bandwidth provisioning and other carrier oriented features of CPEs in FTTX/FTTB / FTTH networks.

Protocols supported: 10 BaseFL, 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, 100Base-FX, 1000Base-SX, 1000Base-T, 1000Base-LX, 1000Base-ZX, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3ah, RS232, RS422, RS485, E1, T1, OC3, OC12, STM1, STM4, Fiber channel, ESCON and more. The FibroLAN product range includes a large variety of media converters for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, GE, fiber extenders, aggregators, CWDM devices etc. FibroLAN's comprehensive suit for Metro Ethernet Access offers a wide range of CPEs/fiber NTU, MACs and dedicated OAM tools.  
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Canoga Perkins

Canoga Perkins offers a full range of fiber optic solutions for data communications requirements. Product lines include fiber optic modems for a variety of interfaces and data rates, multiplexers serving a wide range of speeds, capacities and interfaces and LAN products that provide long distance LAN extension up to 100km. Our video conferencing products offer video extensions to meet requirements in a variety of environments.  Canoga Perkins specializes in fiber optic communications. The Company designs, manufactures and sells LAN/WAN Internetworking, fiber optic modems and multiplexers (CWDM, WDM and TDM), Videoconferencing products and Outside Plant Test equipment. Canoga Perkins seeks to offer clients the most technologically and functionally advanced transparent optical network systems available for long distance fiber optic extension and low cost CWDM systems.  Using these systems, customers can increase their reliability, efficiency and new application development.
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Coastcom / Bayly Communications Inc Products

R Series
R Series provides the most flexible, streamlined solution for serving communications requirements now and into the future. R Series integrates the functionality of routing, channelized digital access cross-connections, simultaneous analog voice support, sophisticated remote management and diagnostics into a variety of access devices.

The R Series access devices deployed over simple, twisted pair copper, fiber, and wireless networks, provides for the customized blending of voice and data channels to meet diverse customer needs. The modular architecture provides scalability and flexibility to meet embedded customer needs as well as effectively addressing new network deployments. 

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